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Masal Tea Set

Sale price$54.95 USD Regular price$110.00 USD

An ancient Egyptian-inspired piece, the Masal Tea Set Teapot integrates glass material with complex decorative gold ornaments which is inspired by the Egyptian's obsession with gold. It is believed that the Egyptians were among the first to use glass in their art and culture and that gold is often used to craft objects of spiritual significance. Amulets and other objects such as the Ankh, cups, and hairclips were made in Egypt.

This tea set is a sophisticated collection with timeless classic elements and filled with gold highlights. This ancient pattern features a striking design of oriental gold and glass.


  • Hand-selected, zinc alloy chassis, exquisite texture/durable.
  • The brush strokes of the alloy are detailed and realistic, showing the European aristocratic style. The exquisite cover design, with just one touch, is easy to use and durable.
  • This glass can be washed in the dishwasher, but not in the microwave.
  • European pattern alloy + glass material, crystal clear, romantic and elegant, pleasing to the eye, triangular foot design, can increase stability, vivid and elegant, high-end vision.
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Masal Tea Set Sale price$54.95 USD Regular price$110.00 USD