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Cabanna Cutting Board

Sale price$49.95 USD
Whether chopping, cutting, slicing, or dicing, these Cabanna Cutting Boards are the way to go!

Whether you’re slicing and dicing everyday food prep, or displaying meats and cheeses during a dinner party, this Cabanna Cutting Board will elevate your food prep— all while looking good and cleaning up easily. This Cabanna Cutting Board provides the perfect base for laying out and processing ingredients like a pro. This Cabanna Cutting Board is expertly designed to meet personal and unique is both a passion and a pleasure.

  • 【MADE OF SOLID WOOD】black walnut is selected as the chopping board's main material. Whole wood cutting, delicate touch. The texture and color are beautiful. The surface is very smooth after polishing.
  • Use for chopping and prepping food.
  • Our Cabanna Cutting Board is designed for the convenience and safety of the users. The hanging hole design can be hung and stored, which is convenient for draining water and saving a lot of kitchen space.
  • Suitable for cutting fruits and bread, etc. It is also a dinner plate, suitable for placing plates, placing cakes, steaks Western food, etc.
  • The Cabanna Cutting Board is easy to clean by hand. After use, wipe both sides with a wrung rag, and then dry it.

Product Specifications:

Material: Wood


20 x 30

20 x 38

35.5 x 16 x 2

34 x 20 x 2

40 x 22.5 x 2

40 x 15 x 2

24 x 16

22 x 15

30 x 20

34 x 23

23 x 14

36 x 16.5

38.5 x 18.5

40 x 17

40 x 20

26 x 15

33 x 20

41.5 x 11.5

28 x 11

33 x 14

26 x 26

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Cabanna Cutting Board Sale price$49.95 USD