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Morocco Desk

Sale price$221.49 USD Regular price$268.99 USD
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Few words can accurately and completely express the wonderful design of this exquisitely Morocco Desk.

This unique Morocco Desk makes it perfect for anyone looking to save floor space while still getting plenty of storage options. Plus, even with all your stuff set up on top, it still has an airy feeling. The extra large work surface provides more than enough room so you can have your laptop or desktop PC close at hand plus all of your office accessories nearby as well.

  • Built from a durable MDF board with a strong steel frame, this modern home office desk is built to last and is sturdy enough to hold all of your items.
  • Smooth stainless steel and high-quality MDF sheet is dust and water resistant and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Open bookshelf design and attached hutch save floor space while enhancing storage options.
  • Extra Large work surface provides enough room for work or study: This extra large desk surface with high capacity makes it a perfect fit for your laptop or desktop PC and all of your office accessories.

Product Specifications:

Material: Solid steel frame, MDF

Color: Black


47.24 in x 23.62 in x 55.9 in