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Article: 10 Different Ways to Decorate Your Home with Canvas Wall Décor

10 Different Ways to Decorate Your Home with Canvas Wall Décor - Mademoiselle Home Decor & Furniture Store

10 Different Ways to Decorate Your Home with Canvas Wall Décor

Are you bored of looking at those dull walls of yours? If yes, you're in the right place!
Filling up a big, blank wall can be a daunting task. But the great thing is 
it's a large canvas waiting to be filled with beautiful canvas wall décor. With classy art pieces just a click away, finding unique statement pieces
that reflect your style and taste can be an exciting task.

Interior design trend is continuously evolving. However, canvas wall décor
is a timeless trend that will never go out of style. It is a way to oomph
your space and upgrade your home's value.

Points to consider before selecting a canvas wall décor

Before we start, here are some points to keep in mind when selecting a
wall décor for your home-
  • Ensure correct measurement of space
  • Consider the room you are decorating (is it a bedroom or a living room, or a kitchen space)
  • Assemble and organize your tools
  • Consider the space between the furniture and the canvas.
  • Get the perfect height
  • Check the surface of the wall 
The choices are endless when it comes to filling the blank space on the
wall. You can decorate and personalize the walls of every room in a way
that reflects your style.

There is a décor for every preference, style, and taste, and we are here to
help you to find the perfect canvas wall décor to suit your style statement.

Consider the following styling tips to give your dull walls an amazing

10 Fantastic Ways to Decorate Your Home with Canvas Wall Décor

1. Blend in with Your Interior Design


Image Source

When it comes to decorating your house, colors play an essential role.
Colors can make a room feel cheerful, large, small, bright, dark, attractive,
etc. In short, it influences and depicts human emotions. Therefore, you
must choose canvas artwork that complements different colors in the
room. It should blend with the furniture and fit the overall color scheme.

For example, the Marcia Canvas in the above picture is a beautiful piece
that adds a touch of artistry to any corner of your home. The golden,
black, and grey color scheme of the canvas merges perfectly with the
study room or office theme.


2. Hang Above a Couch

Image Source

The living room is the focal point in a home, and the space above your
couch has some design possibilities. You can decorate the space with a
large canvas that is bright in color and appealing to look at.

If you are a maximalist, a piece like Zen Canvas can transform the vibe of
your living room. This bold piece of art can hold the attention of your
guests and help you add a splash of colors to your room. However, if you 
love minimalistic and subtle designs, Alpha Canvas is the perfect choice
for you.
The idea behind putting up a canvas above your sofa is that when anyone
walks into your living room, they will be immediately drawn toward that
statement piece.

 3. Elevate Your Bedroom Wall

Image Source

A bedroom is your space to relax, refresh, and unwind from the day's
stress. As per the study conducted by, the
average time people spend in their bedrooms is 6.8 hours per day.
Although most of that time is consumed by sleep, the bedroom is where
we begin and end our day.

Select a canvas that is not too loud in color or design to elevate your
personal space. Choosing an abstract painting with a modern and subtle 
design, such as Musa Canvas, would be the best idea to elevate your bedroom wall. Such canvas painting consists of neutral colors, making it an ideal piece of work for your bedroom wall. 


4. Decorate the Canvas in Odd Numbers 

Image Source

The arrangement of artwork also plays a vital role in elevating the space.
Are you aware that there is a law of odd numbers that most decorators
follow? According to this law, arranging things in odd numbers looks
natural and appealing.

Experts suggest that the group of three items has a central point where
your eyes can rest, thus, creating a balanced look. Even number of items
creates too much symmetry, which makes the decoration look dull and

Essentially, you must create a balance between symmetry and asymmetry
to produce a visually appealing experience for your guests. The Nippon
Canvas is a canvas art design that tells a story with just three pictures.



5. Pair of Canvas on the Wall

Image Source
In the above point, we discussed how the design experts always
recommend decorating in odd numbers. But a harmonious gallery wall can
be created even with two brilliant canvas art pieces. However, you need
to ensure that both art pieces complement each other. The artwork
arrangement that you style must feel natural.

The Mystical Canvas in the above picture is an abstract art adding a touch
of mystery with golden deer and birds. Both pictures have similar
characteristics and are perfectly balanced because of their size and color


6. Arrange Canvas Over the Furniture

Image Source

While decorating your home, you must remember that any piece of
artwork should not be wider than the width of the furniture it's hung over.
Also, you should leave a space of around 8 to 10 inches between them.
Instead of placing the artwork too high on the wall, hang it at eye level for
the best outcome.

As you can see in the above picture, the Lana Canvas is placed at a proper
distance from the dining table, giving an elegant look to the space. The
canvas collaborates well with other furniture creating a visually appealing



 7. Hang Pictures in Your Stairway

Image Source

Most people often neglect the wall beside the staircase due to its different
and unique angle. The unique dimension of the wall makes it harder for
people to arrange pictures or any artwork. However, don't hesitate to
make a statement with your favorite piece of canvas.

Staircases generally have a broad wall which makes them an ideal
location to put beautiful paintings. No matter what your style is, arrange
artwork as per your aesthetics. If your taste is bold and creative, Pryanna
Canvas is a great option. Lameir Canvas is perfect for people who prefer
modern and classy artwork.  



8. Asymmetrical Design

Image Source

An asymmetrical balance must be achieved when a group of pictures is
not the same size but shares similar traits, such as color theme, subject,

For example, the Cairo Canvases above consists of 5 pictures of different
size. In the above picture, the canvases are arranged asymmetrically to
achieve an organic balance.

The asymmetrical balance creates an optical arrangement that pleases
the human eye. Hence, you need to find balance in the design despite
them not being symmetrical. It is all about the placement of the frames.



9. Hang Above a Fireplace

The space over the fireplace is one of the best locations to hang a picture.
It is a focal point in a room where you generally spend time with your
loved ones.

Every fireplace has a different design. While hanging a canvas, you need
to ensure that the frame of the picture must complement the design of
the fireplace.

You can utilize the blank space above a fireplace by putting a large
artwork like Hava Canvas or using a group of pictures like Alure Canvas.
Art is a personal choice; it depends on how you want to design a particular
space, so don't be afraid to experiment.



10. Put Up a Canvas in Hallway or Corridor

Nothing is more miserable than looking at a boring blank wall in the
corridor. A hallway or a corridor is a prime location to put up artwork of
your choice. It is a pathway that connects all the rooms in the house.
Hence, you need to set the tone of your house with the perfect canvas
wall décor.

Before choosing the artwork, you need to understand and study the space
of your corridor. Look into various canvas designs and pick the one that
suits the décor you are going for. Your creative side decides the energy
you want in your house.

If you want a colorful vibe all around, go for Dolomites Canvas, or you can
set a relaxed vibe with this beautiful abstract Marcos Canvas.


An empty wall is often a sign of neglect. Looking at a bare wall devoid of
any element feels dull and cold.

With so many designs and styles available on the market, canvas wall
décor is the best way to give your walls a classy makeover. Whether you
want a traditional look or modern designs, there is a canvas artwork
suitable for every need and taste.

You can take inspiration from canvas wall décor ideas mentioned above
and refresh your space. Decorate and personalize the walls of every room
in a way that reflects your style. So get your creative juice flowing and
start decorating those barren walls today.

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