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Acacia Wooden Measuring Spoon

Sale price$14.95 USD
Color:S Beechwood
Beautify your kitchen with Acacia Wooden Measuring Spoon, it is a great addition to any kitchen cooking utensil collection.

Our Acacia Wooden Measuring Spoon is made of high-quality wood with beautiful natural colors and patterns. Each spoon is beautifully hand carved. It is suitable for cooking and baking. The spoons are easy to clean by hand using dishwashing liquid if required.

  • Natural wood, healthy and safe, durable use, not easy to wear. At the same time, the food can be kept fresh.
  • Two kinds of capacity: a short handle of 8g and a long handle of 10g, short handle is suitable for storage in the tank, and a long handle is more comfortable to use.
  • It can meet your various measurement needs, including coffee, tea, sugar, flour, spices, and supplements (protein powder, creatine, etc.).
  • Acacia Wooden Measuring Spoon is light and easy to carry, very suitable for people who like to bring coffee to work or travel.

Product Specifications:

Material: Wood


Small Beechwood and Walnut - 95 mm x 45 mm

Large Beechwood and Walnut - 165 mm x 48 mm
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Acacia Wooden Measuring Spoon Sale price$14.95 USD