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Ahana Clock

Sale price$39.95 USD
Sheet Size:
Have an empty wall that needs a cool centerpiece? This Ahana Clock offers a 3D design that pops out from your wall and makes a bold statement.

Constructed of lightweight foam, each number has a self-adhesive back allowing it to adhere to virtually any wall in your house creating a unique clock. Design it any way you like. Adding beautiful and practical decorations to your house.

  • Adhesive large 3d frameless wall clock with three-dimensional EVA foam, wall clock sticker shows a 3D effect.
  • The high quality of the Ahana Clock engine will provide a long-lasting and accurate run. A mute clock will give you a quiet night for better relaxation.
  • With the frameless design, you can easily extend or reduce the diameter of the big wall clock to fit different sizes of walls.
  • The Ahana Clock is a modern frameless wall clock, decor wall clock, ideal for decorating living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, offices, and hotels.

Product Specifications:

Material: EVA, and Acrylic

Weight: 400g

Power:1xAA battery(not include)


Black, Silver, and Gold 27 inch - 50 cm x 70 cm

Black, Silver, and Gold 37 inch - 70 cm x 90 cm

Black, Silver, and Gold 47 inch - 100 cm x 120 cm
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Ahana Clock Sale price$39.95 USD