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Altair Suncatcher

Sale price$29.95 USD
Introducing the Altair Suncatcher, a captivating blend of celestial elegance and natural wonder, designed to infuse your living spaces with a kaleidoscope of enchantment.

Crafted with exquisite precision and adorned with a gleaming golden moon and stars, this exquisite suncatcher acts as both a guardian of your dreams and a prism of possibility. As it dangles gracefully in your window, car, or garden, its multi-faceted crystal ball dances with the sun's rays, casting a spellbinding array of rainbows that will dance around your room and heart.

  • It features a mesmerizing crystal prism ball that radiates and refracts light, creating a stunning display of vivid colors and rainbows in your space.
  • Adorned with a shimmering golden moon and stars, this suncatcher adds a touch of celestial charm to your surroundings, symbolizing dreams and aspirations.
  • As a dreamcatcher, this suncatcher is more than just a decoration; it's a symbol of protection, designed to ward off negativity and usher in positive energy.
  • The gentle play of light and color is not only visually enchanting but also creates a soothing and meditative ambiance, perfect for relaxation and mindfulness.

Product Specifications:

Material: Metal


34 cm
Altair Suncatcher
Altair Suncatcher Sale price$29.95 USD