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Apolline Sofa

Sale price$1,939.95 USD Regular price$3,880.00 USD
Looking for a sofa that can add a little Scandinavia charm to your home, worry no more as our Apolline Sofa is just for you.

Apolline Sofa features high-quality lambswool and velvet fabric. This sofa is perfect for lounging and, thanks to its c- shaped backrest, gives a classic silhouette that adds a touch of warmth to your home. Its versatile design brings Apolline Sofa, chaise, and small bed all to one piece of furniture.

Whether you're enjoying a refreshing drink and chatting with friends or family, or you're curling up with a good book to read alone, this Apolline Sofa will create a comfy spot for convenient and flexible seating in your home.

  • This chair will make a great addition to your living room, family room, or in your bedroom.
  • The unique shape and cushioned design create a comfy seating option you'll appreciate.
  • A great size for both kids and adults.


Material: lambs wool

Fabric: Velvet


Small - 92 cm x 74 cm x 86 cm

Medium - 160 cm x 74 cm x 86 cm

Large - 210 cm x 74 cm x 86 cm

Tea Table - 40 cm x 90 cm

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Apolline Sofa Sale price$1,939.95 USD Regular price$3,880.00 USD