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Atelier Lighting

Sale price$144.95 USD
Emitting Color:
Introducing the Atelier Lighting – an exquisite blend of art and illumination that will transform your living or bedroom space into a haven of timeless elegance.

The unique tree branch design of this Atelier Lighting is a testament to the seamless harmony of nature-inspired aesthetics and cutting-edge LED technology, ensuring you not only enjoy an exquisite visual masterpiece but also embrace the eco-conscious advantages of energy-efficient lighting.

  • It seamlessly blends art and lighting, turning your living or bedroom into a gallery of captivating design and functionality.
  • With its tree branch design, this lighting brings the tranquil beauty of nature indoors, casting mesmerizing shadows and a warm, inviting ambiance.
  • Experience eco-conscious lighting without compromising on style, thanks to cutting-edge LED technology that saves you energy and money.
  • The rich antique brown finish and organic lines of the tree branches make this chandelier a timeless addition to any décor style, from rustic to modern.

Product Specifications:

Material: Resin, Aluminum

Is Bulb Included: No

Is Dimmable: No


4 Heads Wall lamp - 55 cm x 45 cm

6 Heads Wall lamp - 55 cm x 38 cm

8 Heads Wall lamp - 75 cm x 55 cm

12 Heads Wall lamp - 165 cm x 65 cm

8 Heads Chandelier - 70 cm x 40 cm

12 Heads Chandelier - 100 cm x 45 cm

16 Heads Chandelier - 110 cm x 45 cm

20 Heads Chandelier - 110 cm x 45 cm
Atelier Lighting
Atelier Lighting Sale price$144.95 USD