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Azabu Matcha Set

Sale price$69.95 USD

Effortlessly prepare frothy and delicious matcha every time with this Azabu Matcha Set!

Packaged with all the tools you need to create the perfect cup of matcha green tea, this Azabu matcha set will include one whisk (chasen), scoop (chashaku), and bamboo spoon. To prepare an airy, rejuvenating, and lump-free cup of matcha, simply add two scoops of your favorite matcha powder to two ounces of warm water and, using the whisk, briskly repeat a "W" shape until the mixture is light and frothy.

Crafted from renewable all-natural bamboo, this Azabu matcha set is incredibly strong, durable, and heat-resistant. This Azabu matcha set is inspired by Japanese tradition and is a must-have for coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and tea enthusiasts.


  • Our matcha set is ideal for anyone who loves drinking matcha tea.
  • Our bamboo whisk matcha (matcha brush) consists of 100 pronged whisks, which is crafted in the perfect shape to effectively whisk up a frothy cup of matcha green tea.
  • Are great for enjoying your herbal, green, and matcha tea.
  • An ideal gift for tea lovers, family, friends, or co-workers.

Product Specifications:

Material: Pottery and Bamboo

Capacity :

Matcha bowl: 500 ml


Matcha bowls:11.8x7.2cm 

Bamboo whisk:6.3x7cm

Chasen holders:7x7.5cm

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Azabu Matcha Set Sale price$69.95 USD