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Bisou Wallpaper

Sale price$60.95 USD
Elevate your living space to unparalleled levels of elegance and sophistication with our exquisite Bisou Wallpaper.

Designed to perfectly fit any size, our Bisou Wallpaper ensures a seamless installation process, allowing you to effortlessly create a stunning focal point in any room. The intricate details of the 3D Stereo White Flowers lend an awe-inspiring depth to your walls, making them a captivating backdrop that sparks conversations and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who enters.

  • The intricate three-dimensional design adds depth and realism, creating a mesmerizing visual experience that turns your space into a blossoming paradise.
  • The high-quality composition ensures resistance to fading, tearing, and wear, preserving the stunning Bisou Wallpaper allure for years to come, with minimal maintenance required.
  • The interplay of light and shadow on the textured petals creates an ever-changing ambiance that evolves throughout the day, setting the perfect mood for relaxation, entertainment, or romance.

Product Specifications:

Material: Straw texture / Imitation leather / 3D relief / Waterproof silk cloth / Waterproof canvas /Self-adhesive canvas / Self-adhesive pvc


1 square meter = 140cm(W) x 70cm(H) (4'7" x 2'4") ft

2 square meter = 200cm(W) x 100cm(H) (6'7" x 3'3") ft

3 square meter = 220cm(W) x 140cm(H) (7'3" x 4'7") ft

4 square meter = 250cm(W) x 160cm(H) (8'2" x 5'3") ft

5 square meter = 280cm(W) x 180cm(H) (9'2" x 5'11") ft

6 square meter = 300cm(W) x 200cm(H) (9'10" x 6'7") ft

7 square meter = 330cm(W) x 210cm(H) (10'10" x 6'11") ft

8 square meter = 360cm(W) x 230cm(H) (11'10" x 7'6") ft

9 square meter = 380cm(W) x 240cm(H) (12'5" x 7'10") ft

10 square meter = 400cm(W) x 250cm(H) (13'1" x 8'2") ft

11 square meter = 420cm(W) x 260cm(H) (13'9'' x 8'6'') ft

12 square meter = 440cm(W) x 270cm(H) (14'5" x 8'10") ft

13 square meter = 460cm(W) x 280cm(H) (15'1'' x 9'2'') ft

14 square meter = 480cm(W) x 290cm(H) (15'9'' x 9'6'') ft

15 square meter= 500cm(W) x 300cm(H) (16'5'' x 9'10'') ft

16 square meter=500cm(W) x 320cm(H) (16'5" x 10'6") ft

Bisou Wallpaper
Bisou Wallpaper Sale price$60.95 USD