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Clou Duvet Coverlet

Sale price$199.95 USD
Introducing the Clou Duvet Coverlet, where dreams and luxury intertwine in an exquisite dance of comfort and style.

Crafted with the finest materials, the Clou Duvet Coverlet is a testament to opulence and sophistication. Its supremely soft and breathable fabric ensures you stay cozy and relaxed throughout the night as if you were sleeping amidst the heavens themselves.

  • Crafted with precision and premium cotton materials, the Clou Coverlet is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring it remains a staple of your bedroom for years to come.
  • Designed for all seasons, the Clou Coverlet keeps you comfortably warm in winter and refreshingly cool in summer, providing perfect sleep conditions throughout the year.
  • The Clou Duvet Coverlet is easy to care for, allowing you to enjoy its beauty and softness without the hassle of frequent laundering.
  • The Clou Duvet Coverlet envelops you in an exquisite cocoon of softness, ensuring your sleep is a haven of plush comfort.

Product Specifications:

Material: Cotton


220X250cm 3pcs

1 piece Bedspread: 220*250cm(87*98inches)
2 pieces Pillowcases: 50*70cm(20*27inches)

250X250cm 3pcs

1 piece Bedspread: 250*250cm(98*98inches)
2 pieces Pillowcases: 50*70cm(20*27inches)

280X260cm 3pcs
1 piece Bedspread:280*260cm(110*102inches)
2 pieces Pillowcases:50*70cm(20*27inches)
Clou Duvet Coverlet Sale price$199.95 USD