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Coogee Lighting

Sale price$79.95 USD
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Transform your living space into a lush, green oasis of tranquility with our Coogee Lighting.

Each Coogee Lighting is a unique work of art, featuring handcrafted pot plant pendants that suspend gracefully, as if they were floating in mid-air, illuminating your surroundings with a soft, warm glow, while showcasing your love for nature in a truly breathtaking way. These pendant lights are not just lighting fixtures; they are conversation pieces that will leave your guests in awe of your taste and style.

  • It features handcrafted pot plant pendants, offering a unique and captivating way to showcase your love for nature and artistic flair.
  • Create your own garden by arranging the pot plant pendants in any configuration you desire, adding a personal touch to your lighting decor.
  • Enjoy a soft, warm glow that creates a tranquil atmosphere, making this lighting perfect for relaxation, intimate gatherings, and cozy evenings.
  • These lightings are more than lighting fixtures; they're conversation pieces that will leave your guests in awe and spark interesting discussions about your impeccable taste.

Product Specifications:

Material: Aluminum

Is Bulb Included: No

Is Dimmable: No


40 cm x 25 cm
Coogee Lighting
Coogee Lighting Sale price$79.95 USD