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Daytona Quartz Expandable Luggage

Sale price$113.49 USD Regular price$137.99 USD
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Introducing the ultimate travel companion that will elevate your travel game to new heights with our Daytona Quartz Expandable Luggage.

Step inside and you'll find a meticulously organized interior, complete with a mesh zip pocket and tie-down straps to keep your clothes and accessories in place. Whether you're packing for a weekend getaway or a long-haul adventure, our suitcase has everything you need to keep your items organized and easily accessible.

  • Our Daytona Quartz Expandable Luggage is made of 100% ABS material, which makes it incredibly lightweight and durable, ensuring that it will stand the test of time and frequent use.
  • The four quiet spinner wheels make maneuvering through busy airports and crowded train stations a breeze, ensuring that you can travel with ease and convenience.
  • The built-in TSA combination lock ensures that your belongings are safe and secure, giving you peace of mind during your travels.
  • The meticulously organized interior of our suitcase features a mesh zip pocket and tie-down straps, allowing you to easily and neatly pack all of your belongings.
  • It boasts a sleek and stylish design, making it a fashion statement as well as a practical travel companion.


1. The lock is set to 0-0-0 at the factory.

2. Press and hold the reset button next to the dials while spinning the dials to the required 3-digit code.

3. After you release the reset button, your code is now set.

4. Scramble the dials and verify that your new code is right.

Product Specifications:

Material: ABS

Color: Gold


25.10 in x 16.20 in x 10.20 in
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Daytona Quartz Expandable Luggage Sale price$113.49 USD Regular price$137.99 USD