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Dynamo Diffuser

Sale price$44.95 USD
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Relieve the tiredness of the day and relax your nerves with our Dynamo Diffuser.

As the pace of life accelerates, people may be prone to fatigue, anxiety, and difficulty falling asleep. This Dynamo Diffuser uses high-quality ceramics, and the ultrasonic design ensures that the diffuser controls the smooth mist for a long time.


  • It will fill your space with a fragrance that can lift the mood and relieve stress from stressful and tiring days, improve your sleeping quality, be perfect for covering the smell of pets or smoking, and protect your family from excessively dry air, microorganisms, allergens, dust, and more.
  • Dynamo diffuser for home was designed in flame-effect lights combined with mist, showing a realistic flame effect that brings the atmosphere cozy and romantic, especially at night.
  • Ultra-silent work does not disturb sleep and work.
  • The aroma diffuser has an ultra-modern marble pattern, just like a decorative piece. It is best to use this cute diffuser as a gift for your friends, family, and lovers.
  • The design has an automatic shut-off function without water, this kind of aromatherapy essential oil diffuser will automatically shut down when the water runs out.
  • This Dynamo diffuser can last 10 hours in a 300ml water tank (under low haze). The mist output of the aroma diffuser can reach 50-70ml/h, which is very suitable for a space of 20-30 square meters and emits a more refreshing fragrance.

Product Specifications:

Liner material: ABS/PP/silicone/electronic components

Noise: below 36dB

Material: Incense

Voltage: DC 24V

Size: 138 mm x 138 mm x 108 mm

Package Includes:

1 Piece Humidifier Diffuser
1 Piece USB Cable
1 User's Manual

Use caution:
1. This is a diffuser, no need for any cotton swabs, you can add non-corrosive essential oils to diffuse the aroma.
2. Please make sure to use a 24V adapter for the power supply, otherwise, the circuit may be damaged.
3. Please make sure that the water level is below the MAX line 300ML, please do not let the water enter the ventilation duct.

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Dynamo Diffuser Sale price$44.95 USD