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Fleur Sculpture

Sale price$94.95 USD Regular price$170.00 USD
Color:Girl in Pink

Introducing the exquisite Fleur Sculpture, a stunning work of art that will capture your heart and transform any space into a beautiful oasis.

The intricate detailing of the Fleur Sculpture and the delicate facial features of the girl evokes a sense of grace and beauty, while the vase nestled in her hands provides the perfect display for your favorite flowers or greenery. This sculpture is a statement piece that will elevate any room in your home, whether you choose to display it on a mantel, coffee table, or as a centerpiece on your dining table.

It's sure to become a conversation starter among your guests and a treasured item for years to come.


  • It is made of a grade resin, ensuring that you can easily place it on floating shelves and other furniture.
  • Both artistic and functional to bring a romantic air to your house, apartment, or workplace.
  • It can be used as a succulent planter, indoor/outdoor planter, flower vase, home decoration, candle holder, or even makeup brush holder.
  • It is the perfect home or office decoration. Put them in your room and decorate your room, like a desk, table, bookcase, shelf, dining table, and bedside.


Product Specifications:



Package Includes


Flowers aren't included


Girl in (Pink, Green, and Grey): 30cm

Girl in (Orange, Blue, White) Polka Dot: 30cm

Butterfly Girl in (Blue, Pink) Small: 20.5cm

Butterfly Girl in (Blue, Pink) Big: 25.5cm

Coffee Girl: 27cm

Girl with tray: 25.5cm





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Fleur Sculpture Sale price$94.95 USD Regular price$170.00 USD