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Gaza Pyramid Decor

Sale price$24.95 USD
Have you ever felt down all day? Have you ever suffered from insomnia, stress, or anxiety? If the answer is yes, our Gaza Pyramid Decor is what you need.

The Gaza Pyramid Decor can collect and purify the energy in the universe, and then send it out. Gaza Pyramid Decor is the stone of wealth and wrapping the peridot money tree in a pyramid will help you attract more positive energy and wealth. It can enhance the positive atmosphere of the family, and placing it at the head of your bed can also give you a sweet dream.

When used as a feng shui decoration, Gaza Pyramid Decor can bring a positive atmosphere to the home relieves stress, and anxiety, and can also bring sweet dreams when placed on the head of the bed.

  • Perfect gift for love, parents, families, and best friends.
  • It can reduce the impact of negative energy generated by home appliances such as computers and TVs on you.
  • Meditation State: Help you quickly enter the state and let your thoughts go free when you are sitting and relaxing.

Product Specifications:

Material: Crystal crushed stone, Resin

5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
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Gaza Pyramid Decor Sale price$24.95 USD