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Izar Suncatcher

Sale price$29.95 USD
Introducing the mesmerizing Izar Suncatcher, your ticket to capturing the essence of pure enchantment!

Crafted with the utmost precision and care, this captivating Suncatcher boasts a dazzling array of multicolored prisms that dance and sparkle with every subtle breeze, scattering a kaleidoscope of radiant hues throughout your living space. Whether it's adorning your window, swaying gently from a tree branch, or accenting your car's rearview mirror, this versatile work of art is sure to turn heads and draw admirers.

  • Our Izar Suncatchers are composed of high-quality artificial crystal with a stainless steel sheet pendant that is clear, attractive, delicate, and long-lasting.
  • These Izar Suncatchers make the wind chimes more vibrant and active, making them ideal for decorating or as a gift for others.
  • This Izar Suncatcher will bloom in the sunlight, bringing not only the rainbow that the crystal pendant prisms captured but also the light spot and shadow that the crystal sun catcher pendant provides, creating lovely and glittering light refraction all around the room.
  • These are perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorations such as gardens, tree limbs, patios, balconies, baby rooms, doors, windows, and walls.

Product Specifications:

Material: Crystal


A Dreamcatcher - 41 cm

B Bird - 42 cm

C Elf Fairy - 42 cm

D Bird - 42 cm

E Tree of Life - 49 cm

F Butterfly 1 - 32 cm

G Butterfly - 32 cm

H Butterfly - 32 cm

I Butterfly - 32 cm

J Butterfly - 32 cm

K Butterfly - 32 cm

L Butterfly - 32 cm

M Butterfly - 32 cm

N Owl - 32 cm

O Dragonfly - 32 cm
Izar Suncatcher
Izar Suncatcher Sale price$29.95 USD