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Kauai Glass Teapot Set

Sale price$54.95 USD Regular price$110.00 USD
If you're looking for the best infuser teapot, look no further. Our Kauai Glass Teapot Set is just what you need.

The teapot is made of heatproof borosilicate glass that can easily withstand boiling water and will never go cloudy even after years of use. The convenience and style of the Kauai Glass Teapot Set are a must-have steeper for your favorite loose leaf teas. This beautiful glass teapot comes with a stainless extra deep infuser for steeping tea, so you can make 1/3 of a pot at a time.

Brew your favorite cup of tea, whether it be your breakfast tea, afternoon tea, or your bedtime tea. Whether you enjoy green tea, herb tea, detox, or medicinal tea, this
Kauai Glass Teapot Set is a great choice.

  • This teapot and the matching cups are dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean in between uses.
  • Great gift idea for teachers, Moms, the tea lover in your life, they are sure to appreciate the unique experience of watching the blooming tea flowers unfold.
  • Made from borosilicate glass for superior heat retention and protection from thermal shock.


Material: Glass

Capacity :

Cup - 180 ml

Teapot - 500 ml

Size :

Cup - 8.7 cm x 11 cm

Teapot - 12.6 cm x 15.5 cm x 12.8 cm
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Kauai Glass Teapot Set Sale price$54.95 USD Regular price$110.00 USD