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Leafe Plate

Sale price$34.95 USD
Elevate your dining experience and captivate your guests with this stunning Leafe Plate that seamlessly combines elegance, functionality, and Japanese-inspired aesthetics.

This Leafe Plate was created with adaptability in mind, and it serves as a stunning backdrop for a variety of culinary delights. Each plate is meticulously crafted to improve the presentation of your culinary creations, from sashimi and sushi rolls to vivid salads and indulgent desserts. The Leafe Plate generous size allows you to display a scrumptious variety of finger foods, appetizers, or even a selection of delectable cheeses.

  • Made from high-quality natural stone these plates are made to last. The durable design provides long-term durability.
  • The natural veining patterns of the Leafe Plate creates a visually stunning display that adds an element of sophistication to any table.
  • The distinctive black natural rock construction and intricate veining patterns make them captivating pieces of art that seamlessly blend with any interior style, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen or dining area.
  • Designed to serve a multitude of culinary delights, these plates and trays are perfect for serving sushi, salads, desserts, and more.
Product Specifications:

Material: Natural rock


Small: 28cm*13.8cm*0.5cm

Large: 29.5cm*19.5cm*0.5cm
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Leafe Plate Sale price$34.95 USD