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Longroom Wallpaper

Sale price$34.95 USD
Elevate your living spaces to unprecedented levels of elegance and style with our mesmerizing Longroom Wallpaper.

Crafted with utmost precision, this wallpaper transcends the boundaries of conventional design. Its intricate 3D details and depth create an illusion that takes you on a visual journey, making your walls come to life. The rich, luxurious black tones exude an aura of refined taste and prestige, instantly turning your space into a sanctuary of modern indulgence.

  • The intricate details and lifelike depth create an awe-inspiring visual experience that will captivate anyone who enters the room.
  • Our wallpaper is designed for easy application, allowing you to achieve a flawless look without the stress.
  • The 3D effect of this wallpaper creates an enchanting visual experience, making your walls appear as if they have a story to tell, a journey to share.

Product Specifications:

Material: Straw texture / Imitation leather / 3D relief / Waterproof silk cloth / Waterproof canvas / Self-adhesive canvas / Self-adhesive PVC


1 square meter = 140cm(W) x 70cm(H) (4'7" x 2'4") ft

2 square meter = 200cm(W) x 100cm(H) (6'7" x 3'3") ft

3 square meter = 220cm(W) x 140cm(H) (7'3" x 4'7") ft

4 square meter = 250cm(W) x 160cm(H) (8'2" x 5'3") ft

5 square meter = 280cm(W) x 180cm(H) (9'2" x 5'11") ft

6 square meter = 300cm(W) x 200cm(H) (9'10" x 6'7") ft

7 square meter = 330cm(W) x 210cm(H) (10'10" x 6'11") ft

8 square meter = 360cm(W) x 230cm(H) (11'10" x 7'6") ft

9 square meter = 380cm(W) x 240cm(H) (12'5" x 7'10") ft

10 square meter = 400cm(W) x 250cm(H) (13'1" x 8'2") ft

11 square meter = 420cm(W) x 260cm(H) (13'9'' x 8'6'') ft

12 square meter = 440cm(W) x 270cm(H) (14'5" x 8'10") ft

13 square meter = 460cm(W) x 280cm(H) (15'1'' x 9'2'') ft

14 square meter = 480cm(W) x 290cm(H) (15'9'' x 9'6'') ft

15 square meter= 500cm(W) x 300cm(H) (16'5'' x 9'10'') ft

16 square meter=500cm(W) x 320cm(H) (16'5" x 10'6") ft
Longroom Wallpaper
Longroom Wallpaper Sale price$34.95 USD