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Montessori Hedgehog Sensory Toy

Sale price$24.95 USD
Unlock a world of wonder and discovery with the Montessori Hedgehog Sensory Toy - a must-have addition to any early education collection.

With its adorable Little Hedgehog theme, these carefully crafted toys are sure to spark joy in your little learner. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to stimulate their senses and encourage hands-on exploration. Watch as their fingers eagerly grasp the colorful wooden blocks, feeling the smooth texture and reveling in the satisfying click when the pieces fit together. As they engage with the toy, their fine motor skills will blossom, setting the foundation for future dexterity and precision.

  • Our Montessori Hedgehog Sensory Toy provide a rich sensory experience, engaging your little one's sense of touch, sight, and hearing. The vibrant colors, smooth textures, and satisfying click of the wooden blocks will captivate their attention and enhance their sensory development.
  • Designed specifically to promote fine motor skills, these toys encourage your child to grasp, manipulate, and fit the puzzle pieces together. As they master this dexterity, their hand-eye coordination and finger strength will improve, setting the stage for future writing and drawing abilities.
  • The task of arranging the wooden blocks and spelling cards requires careful attention and problem-solving, boosting your child's ability to concentrate on a task and stay engaged for longer periods of time.
  • Your child will delight in identifying letters, forming words, and connecting them with the adorable Little Hedgehog illustrations. This playful introduction to spelling will lay a strong foundation for future language skills.

Product Specifications:

Material: Plastic


Long Spines - 15 cm x 19 cm x 15 cm

Round Spines - 18.5 cm x 16 cm x 12 cm

Cactus- 13 cm
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Montessori Hedgehog Sensory Toy Sale price$24.95 USD