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Montessori Magnetic Building Blocks Toy

Sale price$24.95 USD
Introducing our extraordinary Montessori Magnetic Building Blocks Toy – the ultimate DIY Magnets Toys that will unlock your child's creativity and transform playtime into a mesmerizing adventure!

Watch as your child's eyes light up with excitement while exploring the principles of engineering and geometry. As they manipulate these colorful, vibrant blocks, they'll develop critical skills such as problem-solving, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination. Our Magnetic Building Blocks ensure that learning becomes an exhilarating experience!

  • Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic ABS plastic, our Magnetic Building Blocks are built to withstand the demands of enthusiastic play.
  • Our Magnetic Building Blocks possess an exceptional magnetic force that effortlessly connects and holds the blocks together, ensuring stability and durability in every creation.
  • With our Big Size and Mini Size options, your child can explore endless design possibilities. From colossal towers to intricate mosaics, these Magnetic Building Blocks empower your child to bring their imaginative ideas to life, unleashing their inner architect.
  • As your child engages with these magnetic toys, they develop essential skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills.
  • The Big Size blocks enable your child to construct large-scale structures, while the Mini Size blocks allow for intricate detailing.

Product Specifications:

Material: Plastic


mini size 50pcs - 4.2 cm / 3.7 cm

mini size 100pcs- 4.2 cm / 3.7 cm

big size 50pcs - 6.5 cm x 5.5 cm

big size 100pcs- 6.5 cm x 5.5 cm
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Montessori Magnetic Building Blocks Toy Sale price$24.95 USD