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Plush Blanket

Sale price$149.95 USD
Elevate your bedroom to new heights of comfort and style with this Plush Blanket.

Immerse yourself in the sumptuous embrace of premium wool material, meticulously quilted to perfection, creating a winter haven that transcends the ordinary. The Plush Blanket provides an unparalleled level of insulation, ensuring you stay snug and cozy throughout the coldest nights. Embrace the blissful warmth of this solid-colored masterpiece, elevating both the aesthetic and thermal qualities of your bedroom sanctuary.

  • Indulge in the ultimate comfort with our high-quality wool material that not only provides exceptional softness but also promises a luxurious and cozy feel throughout the winter season.
  • Experience unparalleled warmth with our quilted comforter that features a meticulous design, ensuring that the wool is evenly distributed for consistent and cozy insulation, making it perfect for chilly nights.
  • This Plush Blanket is not just for winter – its versatile design makes it suitable for all seasons.
  • No matter your bed size, our wool comforter ensures a snug and perfect fit, elevating your sleep experience.
  • The breathable nature of wool ensures a comfortable and healthy sleep environment.

Product Specifications:

Material: 100% Cotton

Filling: Wool


220 x 240 cm
Plush Blanket Sale price$149.95 USD