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Ponzu Cup

Sale price$84.95 USD
From its unique design to its sturdy bases, this Ponzu Cup will literally stand the test of time.

This Ponzu Cup sloped like the picturesque ski slopes of Hokkaido, Japan, this glass is one that is not just breathtaking to look at, but an experience in itself to drink from. Though this Ponzu Cup is made catering to whisky lovers, do not be deterred - it also works perfectly for mixed spirits or, if you really feel fancy, just plain old water.

Enjoy your next dram in style, with this Ponzu Cup.

  • Suitable for drinking bourbon, scotch, old-fashioned cocktail, cognac, vodka, gin, brandy, rum, and tequila, also good to be used as classy juice glasses or water glasses.
  • Great for dining room\ kitchen\ office use or decoration.
  • It is made of sparkling crystal glass, transparent and textured. When you flick it with your fingers, it will make a clear and pleasant sound like crystal, which is very wonderful!

Product Specifications:

Material: Crystal

Capacity: 255 ml


9 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm
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Ponzu Cup Sale price$84.95 USD