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Prego Lighting

Sale price$249.95 USD
Elevate your living space with our captivating Prego Lighting – a fusion of artistic ingenuity and cutting-edge lighting technology.

The interplay of modern aesthetics and energy-efficient LED brilliance creates an ambiance that's nothing short of extraordinary. With their graceful contours and sleek lines, these Prego Lightings are not just fixtures; they're captivating works of art that redefine your space's character.

  • These lights effortlessly adapt to various settings, from upscale restaurants to cozy bedroom retreats, making them the ultimate lighting choice for versatile interior decor.
  • With advanced LED technology, these lights are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly, reducing your energy consumption while providing an abundance of light.
  • The LED technology used in these lights is not only energy-efficient but also easy on the eyes, reducing glare and ensuring a comfortable environment for work or relaxation.
  • Perfect for restaurants, kitchens, bars, and living spaces, these pendant lights are the ideal choice for adding an extra layer of style to your interior decor.

Product Specifications:

Material: Aluminum

Is Bulb Included: No

Is Dimmable: No


Style A - 400 x 155 mm

Style B - 310 x 220 mm

Style C - 350 x 120 mm

Style D - 200 x 95 mm
Prego Lighting
Prego Lighting Sale price$249.95 USD