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Primrose Adjustable Side Table

Sale price$115.49 USD Regular price$164.99 USD
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Are you tired of settling for ordinary side tables that limit your options? Say goodbye to dull and static furniture and embrace the innovation of the Primrose Adjustable Side Table!

The Primrose Side Table, with its clever adjustable design, provides a dynamic solution for your ever-changing demands. You can easily alter its height and tilt angle with a simple twist, allowing you to adapt it to your ideal position. This table will adapt to your every whim, whether you're cuddling up with your favorite book, eating a beautiful meal, or working intently on your laptop.

  • The adjustment arm is a sturdy metal component that clicks as you raise it, but due to the locking mechanism, you must fully open it to close it.
  • Design with extra shelf is great for storing books or crafts and it is very easily moved.
  • Adjusting the table height takes loosening four different knobs, but once tightened, the table height remains where you set it.
  • Design with four 360-degree barrier-free scrolling wheels makes this a sturdy side table with wheels. Simple to move and fits perfectly next to a bed for someone. If necessary, the wheels can be locked.
  • Works nicely when you're on the couch and need some extra work space, or when you're in bed and want to use your laptop. Excellent for dining, reading, and storing extra items.

Product Specifications:

Material: MDF

Color: Walnut


31.50 in x 15.75 in x 28.35 in
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Primrose Adjustable Side Table Sale price$115.49 USD Regular price$164.99 USD