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Royal Pet Crate

Sale price$298.49 USD Regular price$361.99 USD
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Treat yourself and your pet to this exceptional Royal Pet Crate today and transform your home into a pet-friendly haven.

This Royal Pet Crate has double doors and a simple lift top for easy access for you and your pet. The double doors make it easy for your dog to enter and exit, and the lift top allows you to interact with your dog or set food and water bowls inside the crate without bending down. There will be no more back pain or awkward bending!

  • This dog crate side table functions as both a handsome piece of furniture and a cozy dog crate, offering pet owners a pragmatic and elegant option.
  • This dog crate side table also has wheels, making it simple to transport around your home.
  • Three generously sized entry points, including a broad double-door, single side-door, and horizontal lift-top, provide easy access.
  • The open-air design is framed by high-quality iron bars, allowing for maximum ventilation and a 360* outlook.

Product Specifications:

Material: Metal, Particle Board

Color: Rustic Brown


38.58 in x 25.20 in x 27.17 in