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Santorini Duvet Coverlet

Sale price$199.95 USD
Treat yourself or a loved one to this remarkable duvet coverlet, and relish the enchantment of Santorini every time you crawl into bed.

This coverlet is not just a piece of fabric; it's a statement of luxury and indulgence. It's the key to creating a sanctuary within your own home, a place where every night feels like a dream vacation. Whether you're a connoisseur of fine bedding or simply seeking a touch of elegance for your bedroom, the Santorini Duvet Coverlet is your gateway to the ultimate in comfort and style.

  • Our Santorini Duvet Coverlet is crafted from 100% premium cotton, ensuring a soft, smooth, and sumptuous feel against your skin, night after night.
  • Experience year-round comfort as our coverlet is designed to be the perfect weight, keeping you cozy in the winter and cool during the summer.
  • Machine washable and easy to maintain, the Santorini Duvet Coverlet is both beautiful and practical, designed for your convenience.
  • Whether you're treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift, the Santorini Duvet Coverlet is a timeless present that embodies luxury and wanderlust.

Product Specifications:

Material: Cotton


220X250cm 3pcs

1 piece Bedspread: 220*250cm(87*98inches)
2 pieces Pillowcases: 50*70cm(20*27inches)

250X250cm 3pcs

1 piece Bedspread: 250*250cm(98*98inches)
2 pieces Pillowcases: 50*70cm(20*27inches)

280X260cm 3pcs
1 piece Bedspread:280*260cm(110*102inches)
2 pieces Pillowcases:50*70cm(20*27inches)
Santorini Duvet Coverlet Sale price$199.95 USD