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Treble Wall Sticker

Sale price$29.95 USD
Transform your little one's space into a whimsical mountain retreat with our enchanting Treble Wall Sticker.

Designed to seamlessly blend with any decor, these Treble Wall Stickers are not just ordinary wall adornments; they're a gateway to a world of exploration and wonder. The picturesque scene captures the essence of the great outdoors, inviting your child to dream big and reach for the stars. The soothing color palette and intricate detailing make this wall decal a perfect addition to any nursery or kids' room, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your little one to thrive.

  • Crafted from premium materials, our stickers are durable, fade-resistant, and easy to clean. The quality ensures a long-lasting addition to your child's room, maintaining its vibrant charm for years to come.
  • The realistic design creates a visual escape, fostering imagination and curiosity in your little one.
  • The vibrant colors and intricate detailing add a touch of whimsy, bringing the wall to life and sparking your child's sense of wonder.
  • This customizable feature lets you tailor the design to suit the room's unique dimensions and your child's preferences.

Product Specifications:

Material: PVC


100 x 22 cm

150 x 33 cm

200 x 43 cm
Treble Wall Sticker
Treble Wall Sticker Sale price$29.95 USD