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Tropics Wall Decor

Sale price$144.95 USD

Maximize your wall space to create depth and balance with this uniquely designed Tropics Wall Decor.

This Tropics Wall Decor casts a beautiful shadow because it is pushed off of the wall by screws. The shadows of Tropics Wall Decor create a cool three-dimensional feel that makes this unique wall decor something that all your friends and family will talk about and love.

When placed in natural light, the shadow of the Tropics Wall Decor tends to move around the wall art throughout the day, which makes the art fun to watch.


  • Best decoration idea for living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, home, patio, garden wall, kitchen, entryway, cross wall, porch, hallway, and office.
  • Suitable for a country house, apartments, modern houses, rustic houses, and ranches.
  • PRODUCT PROCESS: Laser cutting, Electrostatic powder coating(Powder coating results in a thick, dense finish on metal products which can be more durable and longer-lasting than conventional black painting for outdoor decorations)

Product Descriptions:

Material: Metal


Small - 30 cm x 17 cm

Medium - 58 cm x 33 cm

Large - 75 cm x 41 cm

Extra Large - 94 cm x 57 cm

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Tropics Wall Decor Sale price$144.95 USD