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Article: How to Create a Modern, Minimalist Home Decor Style

How to Create a Modern, Minimalist Home Decor Style - Mademoiselle Home Decor & Furniture Store

How to Create a Modern, Minimalist Home Decor Style

If it’s time to redecorate your home, you’ve come to the right place. Take a good look around the furniture and everything else in your home. Inspect all the objects you have in your possession.  

Ask yourself if everything you have suits your vision of the home you aspire to create. Most people have too many objects, furniture pieces, and other items sitting in their homes, creating more clutter than style.  

If you want to make a statement, tapping into modern minimalist home decor options is the way to go. The minimalist home decor style is all about simplicity. So, focus on the best ways to make your home stand out.  

Minimalism allows you to eliminate unnecessary frills and keep only the essentials that can contribute to your lifestyle. Since minimalist design is the answer to getting rid of clutter and keeping your home organized, here are the best tips for creating a personalized minimalist home decor style. 



Tip #1 - Restrain those colors 

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Minimalist interiors greatly depend on the color palette you choose. We recommend using light colors, such as pastels, barely-visible greys, and white shades combined with other understated neutrals.  

The trick to creating unique decor is to keep things as simple as possible. If that means sticking to the black-and-white style, so be it. Although you could introduce brighter colors to your home decor, sticking with one or two colors is the most effective way to develop a unique style.  

If the black and white combo isn’t right up your alley, try shades of white and beige to light up your home space. Modern furniture, like a European-style Hampton Dining Table, can enhance your minimalist style. Also, having a trendy centerpiece like this hourglass can add a punch to your living room. 



Tip #2 - Focus on focal points and empty spaces 

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Void Space is an essential element of minimalism in home decoration. You should use it as the foundation to develop your home decor style by defining how your available space interacts with furniture and other objects in your home. 

Void space also helps define the overall look of your home. However, don’t forget to maintain visual balance – you can achieve it by determining the main focal point.  

That point should help you open your living room by eliminating unwanted distractions. Compliment your empty home space with suitable decor elements that add elegance and class, such as home decor items with bronze and metallic finish. 



Tip #3 - Edit until you declutter 

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Minimalism is all about parting ways with your home clutter. However, decluttering your home involves more than tossing things you deem unworthy of your modern minimalist home design. Instead, you’ll have to take time and invest effort in selecting the items you want to keep on display on tables and shelves.  

We advise you to stick to essentials and keep the bare minimum on home surfaces. Instead of throwing everything away, store your items in cabinets for later. You’d be surprised how well-chosen home elements can complement your home space. 

Opt for home items, furniture pieces, and home decor accessories that can create the impression of more space while keeping your home as stylish as possible. This way, you will have more open space to move around in, and each room will seem even bigger and more inviting.   


Tip #4 - Tap into accent decorations 

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Look for specific items and design elements that can add a decorative touch to your home by creating an elegant, gracious, and glamorous atmosphere. The goal is to create an inviting ambiance that will feel warm and welcoming without being smothered by superfluous furniture and decor.   

Scented candles and stylish and elegant flower holders are good starting points. Most homeowners wrongly believe that creating modern minimalist home decor requires a lot of money and flashy decorations.  

However, it’s precisely the opposite. Designing a minimalist home is all about adding only the decorative elements necessary to accent the available living space without overwhelming your home with unnecessary items.  

Instead of opting for multiple pictures or photos, add one monumental piece to shape your home around such focal points. For example, a few well-position photos against a bare wall can become a focal work of art instead of a chaotic distraction. 



Tip #5 - Stick to flat surfaces and clean lines 

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Furniture, objects, and other items you have in your home determine the overall decor style. If you want to keep things to a minimum, go with flat surfaces, clean curves, and well-defined lines. 

For example, let’s say that you want to redecorate your kitchen. The best way to do it is to introduce lots of flat surfaces. Complement those surfaces with clean windows, neat drawers, and well-defined cabinets.  

You can add a personal touch using cabinets with no handles to ensure the cleanest lines possible. Aside from maintaining a minimalist design, clean lines, and flat surfaces are also pleasing to the eye.  

Spice things up by adding sleek, sophisticated, and stylish objects to your minimalist home decor mix across your bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. 



Tip #6 - Experiment with textures 

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Different textures can do wonders for your minimalist interiors. They can make entire rooms come alive and make things more interesting around your home. For example, you can introduce textured wallpaper and an upholstered headboard to your bedroom to give it a refreshing and eye-soothing appeal. 

However, the items you select must complement each other perfectly to make your minimalist home decor idea work. Additionally, adding wooden floorboards can upgrade your textural game and give every room a unique appeal. 

Just pay attention to the combination of textures you’re trying to apply to your home. You can combine textures by adding classy rugs however you please, as long as your combinations don’t feel overwhelming. The goal is to allow the space to breathe, not choke it. 



Tip #7 - Add as much light as possible 


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You can’t create a personal minimalist home decor style without light. Start with bare windows to let as much light into your home as possible. We recommend allowing the light to pour in by keeping your windows and other sources of light unadorned.  

Having as many light sources in your home can significantly add to your minimalist design. If you worry about privacy, you can tackle that challenge using blinds or the thinnest materials for your curtains.  

For example, sheer curtains are ideal for letting a lot of sunshine and daylight into your home. So, think about the best ways to brighten your home. Here’s a tip: if you plan to allow your home to bask in the sunlight, add to the aesthetic by opting for suitable color combinations that match the light. 



Tip #8 - Simplicity holds all the power 

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Before developing your minimalist home decor style, consider how many ordinary items and objects you need. You don’t need a living room brimming with countless objects when a few colorful throw pillows or attention-grabbing wall art can achieve the same effect. 

Simple objects can do wonders for your living spaces and make them stand out. However, you need to set them against a neutral tone or white backdrop to allow them to complement the space around them. In addition, you get an unexpected benefit – minimalism makes home maintenance and cleaning much easier. 



Tip #9 - Embrace different patterns 

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Most minimalist homes rely on a limited number of patterns or no patterns. However, patterns can enrich your living space in a variety of ways. We recommend opting for unobtrusive, tone-to-tone, or small-scale patterns to achieve the best effect possible.  

Prints and patterns serve the same purpose as accent decorations. So, match prints with your throw pillows, curtains, etc. Although you can combine prints and accent pieces, the rule is to have them both in rooms with plenty of void space. 

Let’s say you have a patterned carpet but don’t know where to put it. You can perfectly center your living room by placing a classy Pelerous rug there, thus breaking the monotony and allowing your space to breathe. 


Tip #10 - Quality over quantity 

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Minimalist home interior is all about keeping furniture around your home that’s useful, practical, and functional. Instead of breaking your budget on trendy, temporary items that go out of style quickly, invest in durable, elegant furniture that can improve your quality of life and contribute to your lifestyle. 



If you have always wanted a minimalistic home, this guide should help you find the best minimal decorating style that matches your needs. Follow our comprehensive tips to style your living space according to your expectations.  

Achieving a minimalistic yet sophisticated and personalized style doesn’t have to be a long-lasting or complex process. On the contrary, you can do wonders by making smart and informed minimal decorating decisions.  

It all comes down to choosing the right set of colors and home items to complement the available space in your home and allow it to breathe and open up. Strip your home of all the clutter and unnecessary objects and stick to bare essentials to underline a minimalist lifestyle that matches your modern-day personality. 


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